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The Authors

Tony Lingham, PhD, and Bonnie Richley, PhD, are cofounders of Interaction Science, LLC, a management consulting company. Interaction Science offers individual and team coaching certification using the Learning Needs Inventory (LNI) and the Team Learning Inventory (TLI), as well as train-the-trainer certification.

Both authors are educated in interdisciplinary fields ranging from English literature, engineering, music, and psychology to organization development and organizational behavior. They have been organization, team, and leadership consultants for more than fifteen years, working with managers and leaders in national and multinational companies across the United States, Europe, Africa, and Asia, in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors.

Prior to entering academia, they held leadership roles in organizations and as consultants. As academics and researchers, they have taught at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels in management schools and executive education in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Both have been nominated and awarded for teaching excellence on numerous occasions. As researchers, they have published multiple papers in academic and practitioner journals, presented at national and international conferences, and been keynote speakers at various professional organizations.

Both authors codeveloped the learning needs theory of motivation and the LNI at the individual level, and the focus on interaction and TLI at the team level. They are spearheading the global effort to create a structured process for evidence-based team coaching involving the assessment of actual and desired states of team interaction and how these profiles relate to the innovative and execution capacities of a team. Their work on the LNI and TLI has been tested and validated for more than fifteen years, with teams ranging from boards to functional teams and across countries (United States, Latin America, China, and Europe). They have presented a webinar on advanced team coaching and a webcast on high-impact engagement. They have been keynote speakers and panelists on various topics for numerous events and conferences in many countries for business and healthcare sectors.

Dr. Richley is coauthor of the book “Managing by Values: A Corporate Guide to Living, Being Alive, and Making a Living in the 21st Century.” Dr. Lingham has coauthored a textbook, “The Fundamentals of International Organiztional Behavior.” Both are certified senior executive and master coaches on emotional intelligence. At the personal level, the authors are a happy family with their puppy, Rosie. They enjoy watching documentaries, playing games on their iPhones, and having wonderful conversations over coffee in the morning while snuggling with Rosie.